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Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Fling Contest

Thought I'd try Greenleaf's Spring Contest. I don't know if I will have enough time to finish the project but I am going to try my hardest. I am too much of a perfectionist, so two months isn't a lot of time for me. 
I decided to make a Scandinavian Country Store (with the help from the ladies at work!) Its been fun researching. I learned a lot about the culture. As far as rosemaling.....I don't think I could paint that way on life size objects so making miniatures objects with rosemaling on it is out of the question. I will have to be creative and think of different ways to bring the beautiful artwork into my piece. 
After wallpapering the second floor I was a little upset to find the roof piece isn't long enough! GRRR!! I wonder if all of them were made short of just mine??  I posted a picture of the extra piece I had to cut and put in. The wallpaper won't be perfect as I don't have any more, but it will have to do. 
Off to work on the floors and ceilings. 


  1. Rachel, you might try to find something to use as a wide border to fill the gap - a pretty scrapbook trim or ribbon, maybe.

  2. Looking good! When you win the grand prize, you aren't going to forget your work-mates right?? :-P


  3. It looks lovely so far! I'm surprised you are showing pictures right now. Most people are being super, super secretive about theirs.

  4. It's so nice what you have doing. Working very hard but the results are fantastic.

  5. I hope no one would steal my idea MiniKat! Now you have me worried.