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Summer Project!

Every summer I try and tackle a larger project with a goal to have it complete my Labor Day. This year I succeeded! I even tried my hand at something new... word working. Although I didn't build the cabinet (rummage sale find) I did strip 3-4 layers of paint off and puttied over numerous imperfections.
This cabinet was re purposed with my daughter in mind. As a child I always loved a similar cabinet my cousin had and wished I could have one of my own. Now my daughter gets to live out my dream! Maybe someday she'll realize the true meaning behind why I refinished it for her.
I wouldn't have added the "sparkles" and rainbow nobs but my daughter loves anything rainbow and insisted they be included on her new dresser. I'm glad I pushed through my hesitation as I believe it looks great and it also completes the dresser and makes it hers.

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