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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Love for Resin, Metal and Leather Jewelry!

Pendant I created for one of my cousins
Bracelet made from discarded forks
RESIN... I fell in love with this craft soon after discovering it in 2016, when I created my first personalized pendants after my grandma passed away. I wanted to give something to my family in her remembrance; so I dried her memorial flowers and embedded them in resin. My grandma was a very important part of my life and I quickly realized how wonderful it was to carry a remembrance of her around with me. I loved how it also brought a smile to everyone's faces that received one of my creations. My wish is to give that same feeling to everyone who has lost a loved one. One of the rewards of making custom creations is that I get to hear the wonderful stories of their loved one. I feel honored to be a part of making something so meaningful that my customers will treasure for years to come.

METAL and LEATHER... I started making my silverware creations after I fell in love with a fork necklace I found while vacationing in New Orleans. I love using materials that are no longer wanted or destined for the trash and rework them into something beautiful, creative and fun! That's also how I started working with leather; my family was about to discard a large box of old leather belts and I couldn't see them being thrown in a landfill. I rescued them and made beautiful and one-of-a-kind bracelets, that my friends and family cherish and wear today.

My favorite part of jewelry making are the custom photo orders, Why you ask? Well, to my family I am known as "the picture-taker," taking hundreds of photos at a single event is not unusual for me. I believe that pictures say a thousand words and keep our greatest memories alive. Making these photos into long lasting and thoughtful gifts seems so natural...and it's VERY rewarding! 

My jewelry creations can be found here
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Bracelet made from strips of unwanted leather
Ring made from discarded forks

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